New Technology

Across the country concerns are growing over pollution and groundwater contamination, as municipal, provincial and federal governments struggle to repair a crumbling infrastructure.  In Saskatchewan, many residents don’t have access to a secure supply of quality water.  Poor materials, root intrusion, inflow and ground shifting are damaging drain systems.



Brunner's Sewer Relining offers a state-of-the-art method for restoring sewer lines without the inconvenience and costs associated with traditional sewer replacement. This trenchless technology has been proven to stop leaks and root intrusion, increase flow and restore the structural integrity of the pipe without expensive digging or disruption.



Brunners Sewer Relining provides many benefits for municipalities and property owners:

Save Time and Money - Millions of linear feet of cured-in-place materials have been installed throughout the world, saving billions of dollars in labour and restoration costs.

Seamless installation - Prevent infiltration/exfiltration and restore structural integrity to the sewer line. Eliminate joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion.

Increase flow - Cured-in-place materials increase flow capacity because the relined pipe is much smoother than old clay and concrete pipes.

One size fits all - Lining molds to host pipe and conforms to non-standard shapes and sizes.

Eliminate Excavation - Restore and enhance sewer lines without disturbing patios, sidewalks, lawns, trees, streets and other surfaces.



  • Lateral relining - launched through cleanout
  • Lateral spot repairs - launched through cleanout
  • Lateral-main connection (tapping) relining
  • Relining of indoor drainage lines/roof drains
  • 2" to 6" lines
  • Cured-in-place materials - suitable for all kinds of piping
  • Seamless installation - eliminates joints
  • Mainline spot repairs
  • Conforms to non-standard pipe shapes and sizes
  • Change in diameter lining - transition to different pipe sizes
  • Sewer video inspection
  • Environmentally friendly - non toxic
  • Completed same day

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